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Favourite Books of 2020

2020 was another good reading year for me with 64 books read. While this post comes late, better late than never in some cases.

It was challenging to choose 3 favourites from the past year. While there were many good books, not as many stood out strongly as they had the year before. Possibly the biggest disappoint was the release of the much anticipated Bobiverse Book 4, “Heaven’s River” by Dennis E Taylor. The first 3 Bobiverse books continue to be my all time favourites and I reread them frequently. Sadly, Book 4, while I understand the evolution of the narrative, took a completely different path from the previous 3 and went far more dystopian. The Bobiverse has always been an uplifting, escape for me and Book 4 was definitely not. In fact, I recently reread the series but only the first 3 books, excluding the 4th.

Enough chatter, here are my 3 favorites from 2020. The most interesting aspect of these picks is they are all non fiction, which makes up a small percentage of the books I read each year.