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FTP on macOS High Sierra

As you may have noticed, FTP is no longer a part of macOS High Sierra. If you are in the Terminal, you’ll get something like this:

Norms-iMac-Pro:~ norm$ ftp
-bash: ftp: command not found

An Apple Forum’s post has this reasoning.

Fortunately, there is Homebrew to the rescue. As pointed out in that post, you can install the `inetutils`, which includes FTP. All you need to do is:

brew install inetutils

Unfortunately, for me, this resulted in a linking error, as the directory `/usr/local/share/man/man8` is not writeable. You can solve this by by issuing the following command:

sudo chown -R $(whoami) /usr/local/share/man/man8

Then run the link command again:

brew link inetutils

I hope this is helpful and happy FTPing!

NBA 2017 Playoff Bracket

The #NBA in general and the #Warriors in particular are the only league/team I’ve really followed this year. So, here are my picks. I feel good about the first round, although picking the #Bucks hurt. The second round, especially in the East, was a little trickier. #WarriorsGround

NHL 2017 Playoff Bracket

Well, here it is. I confess I have not followed the NHL at all this season, with the exception of checking in on the Leafs every now and then. And they (the Leafs) have been a nice surprise. This “first” playoff run will be great experience for the youngsters. I would LOVE to see them put the Capitals out in the first round. Also, I hope Edmonton can continue their “cinderella” season. Finally, Pens to repeat!

NBA Playoff Bracket 2016

I just realized I forgot to post this. It’s not pretty, in that it doesn’t look nice. It was done through OfficePoolManager. I couldn’t find an online tool that allowed you to pick your teams like they have for March Madness and the NHL playoffs.NBA Playoff Bracket 2016