VDOT Calculator

Are you unsure what pace you should run your 800s at? Your 400s? Does it take you a long time to recover from your track workout? Are you always injured? If you are looking for answers to some/all of these questions, calculating your VDOT and using it to set the pacing for various runs may just what you are looking for. VDOT is a proxy for V02max, which essentially tells you how fit you are. To use this calculator, enter a recent race performance or fitness test (from 1 mile to half marathon, ideally on flat terrain) and click Submit. The page will refresh with your VDOT score and paces for common distances:

Units: miles km


Note: This program is based on Jack Daniels vdot formulas, as described in Daniels Running Formula and made more explicit in Oxygen Power [PDF].

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