A New Hope

This page serves as an introduction to a series of “articles” I will be writing in an attempt to dispel myths and “alternative facts” that have become commonplace, not only in our political dialog, but in our everyday conversations. I will try to keep my opinions about any given article to a minimum and let the data do the talking. There will charts and spreadsheets and LOTS of links. Discovering the truth is hard work but the future of this country is too important, so it’s time we all rolled up our sleeves. I do have a list of articles in mind but if there is something you really want to know about, send me a message via the Contact page and I’ll see what I can do. No promises.

I don’t expect many people will read these but this is more of an exercise for myself, so that I can be armed with the truth when the situation calls. However, if anyone does read these and has a question or a comment, feel free to post one. I welcome alternate points-of-view but you had better bring your data/proof. No spewing of pre-canned talking points without real evidence will be allowed.

With the preliminaries out the way, here’s a link to the first article:

Table of Contents

  1. Comparing Government Employment Under Bush and Obama
  2. Comparing the Effects of Trickle-Down Economics on Employment
  3. Trump Impeachment
  4. Trump’s Margin of Victory